What is dead vagina syndrome?

Still called vaginal death syndrome, dead vagina syndrome is often present in single women. What is this syndrome? Here we give you more information about this syndrome.

Vaginal death syndrome: what is it?

The syndrome of "dead vagina" would designate a total or partial loss of sensitivity at the level of the genitals. This insensitivity is often provoked. It is caused by an abusive use of vibrators and other sex toys. Indeed, the dead vagina syndrome has quite serious consequences on the sexual life of women. It would make it impossible to have an orgasm, no matter what the means, because of the high tolerance to clitoral and vaginal stimulation that the abusive use of sex toys would cause.

Can sex toys desensitize the clitoris?

For one of the most brilliant neuroscientists and sexologists, there is no empirical evidence that proves that the use of sex toys or vibrators can cause the destabilization of the clitoris in the long term. In fact, several studies, including the one published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2009, confirm the thesis that vibrators cannot be the cause of the loss of vaginal sensitivity. In the few women who were tested, they never experienced the slightest side effect related to too much use or even abuse of their vibrator. 

Do not demonize the vibrator or sex toys

The other point that demonstrates the totally mythical character of the dead vagina syndrome is that it has never been reported that the use of a vibrator can chronically numb the terminal nerve fibers of the clitoris. So there is no reason to demonize the vibrator or sex toys in general. However, what is possible is that the muscle fibers of the clitoris contract after long stimulation or when lubrication is insufficient. The fibers in question therefore respond a little less well afterwards because they have been very stimulated. This situation can block the achievement of orgasm for a short time.