Fountain woman: what should you know?

The fountain woman is a different woman when it comes to sexuality. Sometimes rare and shrouded in mystery, she doesn't ejaculate like other women. The abundance of liquid emitted during sexual intercourse can be seen as something disturbing. However, it is a natural phenomenon that is not a bad thing in itself. What should you know about fountain women?

Fountain women: what do we need to understand?

Fountain women are women who emit an abundant quantity of vaginal liquid during sexual intercourse. This discharge is often due to the excitement of the sexual act. The amount of fluid released can vary depending on the woman's orgasm. It is sometimes directly related to the G-spot or is the result of clitoral excitement. 

It is therefore important to know that a woman is qualified as a fountain when she wets herself by emitting a large quantity of vaginal liquid in the form of odourless urine during sexual intercourse. This form of pleasure is usually linked to the repeated contact of the penis with the G-spot or the clitoral area. Ejaculation may occur several times during the sexual act. In this case, it is said that the woman wets as opposed to cumming.

Fountain woman: origin of the vaginal fluid

Having sex with a fountain woman can sometimes be exciting. Those who have never had the experience may end up fantasizing about it. Indeed, the vaginal fluid emitted by the fountain woman comes from sexual stimulation. It is not an ejaculation, since the two do not mean the same thing. Ejaculation is less than 1 ml and most often comes from the prostate. Fountain ejaculation is greater than 30 ml and comes directly from the bladder. 

During sexual intercourse, both phenomena can occur. They are often combined because they create the same effect, especially vaginal lubrication. It is therefore essential to distinguish between fountain emission and ejaculation in this case. Finally, a fountain woman is not a sick person, but a woman who reacts differently during sexual intercourse.