How can mint crystals be used during sex?

Mint crystals are known for their health benefits and their use in making various kinds of products. But, they are also useful for raising the mood during sexual moments. How do you go about using crystals for the most exciting sex?

Fellatio with mint crystals

Oral sex is a popular practice these days because of the strong sensation it provides. By combining it with mint crystals, the pleasure felt could therefore only be at its peak. The effect of the menthol in the crystals promotes an easy erection due to the excitement. How do I proceed? 

First of all, it is necessary to have prior knowledge of her partner regarding fellatio. For intense pleasure, she will have to put one or more crystals under the tongue before starting the stimulation of the penis.  The partner will feel the menthol on his genitalia, mixed with the excitement of the blow job. For more excitement, ice can be added to the show.

An effective aphrodisiac

Mint crystals have a powerful effect on the sex life. Indeed, its use is a stimulus for the man as well as for the woman during a sexual romp. These crystals have a particular composition which gives vigor during a sexual intercourse. Rightly so, this product gives rise to an intense carnal desire. They act in part on the sexual organs to increase performance in bed. By using it, it is convincing to reach the orgasm with his partner. The interaction of mint crystals with the libido is quite surprising. 

These crystals are used before the sexual act. Simply dip them in milk and drink it. Of course, you have to give it time to start acting. After a certain time, this product optimizes the circulation while giving a certain vivacity.  These extraordinary properties allow it to spice up flirting, cuddling and kissing. They create a feeling of ecstasy and prolonged excitation throughout the sexual frolic. That makes it possible to dare and to make its partner vibrate.